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Hypnotherapy is NOT stage hypnosis, which is for entertainment and where the subjects are already willing (and selected beforehand) to act out the parts suggested.

People sometimes say they have a fear of being hypnotised for this reason and they rightly do not wants to do something which would make them look foolish later.  They DO want to feel that thier concerns and needs for improvement are being taken seriously and in a professional manner.

My Clients are never asked to do or say something in hypnotherapy, which would embarrass them, or be against their own moral or ethical code.

Hypnosis is not something done to you - you are always in control

Professional hypnotherapists are bound by a strict code of ethics and confidentiality.

Hypnosis is not natural sleep.  it is more like a very relaxed daydreaming.  Think of a time when you were reading a good book and your imagination carried you away as you read on.  Or you were a car or a train passenger and as the scenery went past you were caught up in a pleasant drift of ideas.  You weren't asleep, but you were in an altered state of thinking where you were relaxed and focused on your thoughts.

The hypnotherapist - working with you - can help you use the power of your mind in a similar and more effective way to help you alleviate many different problems and symptoms.  And it's not just problems, but helping you develop skills too if that is what you want to do.

Please note that if you have any kind of pain or injury you should ALWAYS consult your medical doctor before starting hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is a natural method of dealing with problems.  It has been developed and proved over hundreds of years and can help with many symptoms and performance difficulties.

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