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I am also a Reiki Master.  I have been practising for many years now doing self-healings, giving and receiving Reiki.  I was diagnosed with skin cancer last year and underwent extensive surgery on my arm.  I believe that Reiki helped me to cope in a positive and relaxed manner with my illness.  My personal experience has enhanced and brought a depth to my practise that I never thought possible.

I work in a thorough and intuitive manner, which my own Reiki Master has described as being beyond Master level.

I have had many successes with injuries and illness although I can make no promises.

Integrity and truth are a big part of what I do.  This enables me to anticipate and account for your needs providing a truly tailored service.

Reiki IS for everyone!

Reiki (pronounced Ray Kay) is a Japanese phrase translated as meaning "Universal Life Force".  It is a versatile and dynamic healing system based on channelling energy at various frequencies.  It is the same energy use in acupuncture, Chinese medicine, yoga and Tai Chi.

However Reiki is so much more than that.

It is the energy that sustains all life.  Many interpret this energy as divine love or divine light and although not attached to any kind of religion it has been described as connecting you to your inner spiritual self.

Reiki was developed by a Japanese gentleman called Mikao Usui.  It was practised and taught in Japan for many years and finally brought to the West by a woman called Hawayo Yakata after the Second World War.

Reiki brings balance and harmony to the physical, emotional and spiritual parts of our being promoting good health.

It can accelerate natural healing, bring balance, harmony and clarity of though.

It can relax, improve confidence and relieve stress.

It enhances other treatments and medications and is totally non-harming.

A full Reiki treatment can last for approximately 1 hour.  It can be done either sitting, lying down or standing.  A Reiki practitioner can either lay hands on or hover them above the body.  There is and will never be a need to remove any clothing!

Every body is unique as is every practitioner and different people experience different sensations.  Some people experience sensations of heat or cold, others will feel tingling, pulsations and movement.  Some people feel a deep relaxation or trance like state and some people feel nothing at all.

Whether you feel something or nothing Reiki still works!!