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Relax Kids! 

In my work I am committed to maintaining and expanding my knowledge through professional personal development.  As a result of this I commit to two courses per year.  This year I was looking for something a bit different.  I do a lot of work on an individual basis with children of all age groups and have had a lot of success particularly with bed-wetting and bullying.  As a result of this I was looking for something to enhance the work i do with children. 

I was drawn to Relax Kids.

What is Relax Kids?

Would you like your child to be more confident, positive and imaginative during the day and go to sleep calm, content and relaxed at night?

Relax Kids is a gentle fun way to introduce relaxation and meditation into children's lives by using the positive aspects of popular fairy stories.  It also helps them use their imagination to explore their creativity.

Use Relax Kids on an individual basis or book a class.  Relax kids allows kids to dance, stretch and finally relax promoting confidence and concentration.

Relax Kids encourages children to relax naturally developing inner peace and serenity.